Dick Woodhouse Award to Young Professionals

student and university support

To encourage the pursuit of excellence in young professional petrophysicists and other geoscientists involved in formation evaluation. To celebrate the outstanding contribution that Dick made to our industry during his 45 year career.

Industry professionals with up to three years industry experience; or researchers (but not MSc or PhD students as they are covered by the Iain Hillier award scheme).

UK based companies or research centres, or UK based workers on short/medium term over-seas assignments.

Annual prize consisting of a trophy and a cash award (£1000).

Qualifying young professionals can nominate themselves, or they can be nominated by a colleague or friend, the submission process is the essentially the same.

Submit a conference style poster (or paper) to LPS committee for review. The topic should be an inspiring, original and innovative project or piece of work based on formation evaluation using well bore data such as logs, core, pressures. Integration with other subsurface disciplines is encouraged. Original contributions on theoretical and applied aspects of petrophysics, including both open-hole and cased-hole well logging as well as core analysis. Case histories and interpretation are of special interest. You can submit posters or papers that have been published or are under consideration for publication elsewhere, but please give details. The work can have been done as part of a team and does not have to have been an individual project.

Please send your submissions by email to: Rebecca Nye, VP External Liaison

More than one submission per applicant can be made in any one year, and submissions can be made in every year that the candidate is valid. Submissions will be kept confidential unless otherwise stated.

Based on the submitted posters (or papers), the LPS committee will decide which most warrants the award. Submission deadline has been extended until 1st May. The successful applicant will be asked to present their work to an LPS evening meeting.

Please see guidelines on manuscript submission for full details

Supporting Scottish Universities and students

Our colleagues in the Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society do wonderful work in supporting Scottish Universities and students, please see their website www.afes.org.uk.