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The LPS has a very rich archive of technical presentations covering a wide range of disciplines in the upstream Oil & Gas industry. Our esteemed Lecturers range from Oil & Gas operators to Service companies to Academics, and topics in any particular seminar will cover from Theory to Interpretation to Practical tips & hints. Publications from the LPS One-Day Seminars are free for all those who have registered to attend the seminar.

All the Publications available for purchase at £20 per Seminar, and are delivered electronically in PDF format. There are usually more than 8 presentations included in most Seminars, please click the PDF Button below to view the Agenda and Abstracts.

To order any of the below material, please contact:

Rubi Rodriguez VP Publications



Basic FE IV Carbonate Petrophysics 2007-12-17
Integrating Rock Physics with Petrophysics for Improved Reservoir Characterisation 2007-09-27
3D Modeling and Upscaling of Petrophysical Properties 2007-03-08
Basic FE III Coring & Core Analysis 2006-12-08
Cut Offs Seminar ‘Should we take a pay cut?’ 2006-09-20
Basic Formation Evaluation II 2005-12-14
Petrophysics in a Mature Basin 2005-09-21
Formation Evaluation of Tight Gas Reservoirs 2005-06-21
Risk & Uncertainty in Formation Evaluation Integration from Exploration to Production 2004-09-21
Basic Formation Evaluation I 2003-09-10
LWD in Practice, Geological Placement to Maximise Production 2003-03-20
European Symposium – Reservoir Characterisation 2002-09-04
Formation Evaluation in North Africa 2000-06-19
Carbonates II Seminar 2001-12-19
Better Evaluation from Better Statistics & Geostatistics 2001-03-07

Russian Style Formation Evaluation,
edited by Bob Harrison

The London Petrophysical Society, chapter of the SPWLA, decided to create this formation evaluation manual specifically to help explorationists and geoscientists who have been brought up on a diet of high-quality, abundant North Sea data, to understand and interpret 'Russian-Style' logs.

The publication can be purchased through the Geological Society

Important Notice

The statements and opinions expressed in these transactions and publications are those of the speakers and authors and should not be construed as an official action or opinion of the London Petrophysical Society.

While all the speakers and authors have taken reasonable care to present material accurately, they cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions.

The aim of these transactions and publications is to provide reasonable and balanced discourse on the titled subjects. Consequently it cannot consider in detail all possible scenarios likely to be encountered and caution is encouraged in apply these principles. The LPS and its agents cannot be held responsible for consequences arising from the application of the approaches detailed here.

The material reproduced here is copyrighted and remains the property of the authors. This material may not be reproduced without permission, which should be sought in writing from the LPS Secretary, whose contact details can be found on the LPS website.

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