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September 2009 Newsletter

A message from the President

The committee of the LPS is pleased to announce that our academic award scheme will be named after our colleague and friend Iain Hillier. As you may know Iain sadly passed away in May after a long battle against cancer, and his absence is keenly felt on the LPS and London oil field community “scene.” We feel that this is a fitting memorial to Iain who gave so much of this time working on the committee. He was very supportive of our educationalwork, as well as making significant contributions to our website and our other publications over many years of service. As such please have a look at the details of the academic grant and bursary award scheme. Do you work with students doing work experience or projects in your organizations who would benefit? If so please inform them that funds may be available for study and project work with a petrophysical flavour.

With summer holidays now over the LPS Committee are looking forward to the rest of the year and beyond. A number of interesting evening meetings and topical seminars are in the pipeline and we will be giving you more details on these in the next few months as arrangements are finalised. First up is the autumn one day seminar on Thursday 10th September, to be held as per normal at Burlington House. This seminar will focus on cased hole evaluation tools and techniques and more details, including a full agenda, are available further on in the newsletter. It should be a great day of talks for anyone involved in development petrophysics and well decision making.

Our first evening meeting after the break will take place on Monday 14th September. Again you will see an Abstract for the evening talks overleaf. Please come along and listen to what I hope will be an interesting and unusual evening of talks on unconventional petroleum resources.

Looking ahead to the AGM in November, some positions on the committee may be up for election. Please give consideration as to whether you, or one of your colleagues would like to stand for election. The roles require varied amounts of time commitment and hence hopefully we could find something to fit with your ‘real job’. Please free to contact Patrick Crossouard or any member of the committee if you have any questions or suggestions.

Jonathan Lean LPS President

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