January 2017 Newsletter

Message From the President

Dear Members & Friends of the LPS,

Happy New Year! I fully believe that 2017 promises better times for our oil and gas business. There is no denying that our industry has fundamentally changed after two years of very low oil prices – with an enormous number of cancelled projects, the loss of so many talented colleagues, and a strict focus on cost reduction across the board. The carnage has been of a magnitude never experienced before! But the indications are for a positive uptick this year. And WE as primary stakeholders in Formation Evaluation have a critical role to play in our new landscape. Standing firm on technical objectives with management, passing the baton of experience onto the next crew through mentoring young professionals and students, educating the public on environmental concerns, and utilizing the advantage of new technology to describe our formations with increased relevance. All of this has a direct and measurable impact.

To achieve these goals, on Tuesday 24th Jan the LPS is unique in offering a full One-Day Seminar on New Technology from a wide range of companies, all without charging an entrance fee! There is a substantial program with 16 speakers covering Mud logging, LWD, Core, Wireline, and Conveyance. The Agenda is shared on the following pages, with full Abstracts available on our website.

To re-focus our Society as the centre of technical expertise, I am introducing a series of petrophysical articles to be published each month in this Newsletter. We start with an inspired article from a renowned industry figure – Ross Crain. If you wish to contribute, please contact Carole Reynaud, VP Publications.

Last but not least, please submit your 2017 membership form through our website at www.lps.co.uk/membership. We have introduced new options to honour those who are retired, and those who label themselves as ’Independent’. Membership is free for the LPS, however I do also encourage you to sign up to SPWLA, our parent Society. Looking forward to seeing you all at our meetings!

Best Regards,

Michael O’Keefe – LPS President

December 2016 Newsletter

Message From the President

Dear Members & Friends of the LPS,

Our last One Day Seminar for 2016 is coming up soon! On 15th December we have pulled together an exemplary panel of professionals to share their experience on the topic “Rock Typing – What to use an When”. See the agenda below on p3, then head to our website to register: lps.org.uk/events/rock

Later the same evening we shall host the annual LPS ‘President’s Evening’ at the King’s Head in Mayfair. This event is now quite infamous for it’s relished & slightly raucous reputation! There will be a buffet with drinks included, and – despite the downturn- we have keep this event free for both members & guests.

On the 15th November we held the Annual General Meeting. We presented the LPS achievements through the year, the audited financial status of our Society, and the newly proposed SPWLA charter. Minutes will be circulated to all our membership. I would like to introduce the new committee for 2017 on the following page, and welcome new members: Dawn Houliston, Jenny Turner, Anne Denoyer, and Brian Moss. Many thanks are given to outgoing committee members Liz Davis & Pete Fitch who have served the LPS for many years, and have both made significant contributions to our Society. We shall miss them.

A most illuminating presentation on construction of The Shard was given by structural engineer Roma Agarwal on 15th Nov (preceding the AGM). Roma is a truly inspirational speaker who spent 6 years working on this project. For those who further interested, I direct you to her website; www.romatheengineer.com

The 2017 Membership form is now on LPS website, so please take a moment to fill it in for continued membership. It is free to join – so stay with us, friends.

I wish you all a very warm Christmas and a good holiday into the New Year !

Best Regards,

Michael O’Keefe – LPS President

November 2016 Newsletter

Message From the President

Dear Members & Friends of the LPS,

This Tuesday 15th November at 6:30pm we hold the Annual General Meeting. It will be a crucial meeting to attend, as we shall be discussing the new SPWLA ‘Charter’ which proposes many fundamental changes to the way our Society is run. Read on p3 & 4 for an in-depth discussion on how it will affect all of us.

We shall start the evening with a talk on ‘The Construction of Skyscrapers’ by Roma Agrawal, an inspirational speaker who worked for 6 years as a structural engineer on the tallest building in Europe – ‘The Shard’.

Our last One Day Seminar for 2016 is coming up fast. On 15th December we have pulled together an exemplary panel of professionals to share their experience on the topic “Rock Typing – What to use an When”. Head to our website to download a registration form if you (or your colleagues) could benefit from learning more about this multi-disciplinary subject.

Later the same evening we shall hold our annual Christmas gathering entitled “President’s Evening” which has always been a rather fun time. This year we shall be handing out free drink vouchers to Members & guests, to compliment the tasty Hors d’oeuvres on hand. And despite the downturn, we have managed to keep this event free of charge. Until you run out of vouchers, that is !

A quick note from one of our Sponsors: There will be a five day course on “Formation Testing” in Aberdeen at the end of November, held by NExT. Further info can be found on p8. And I also refer you to SPE activities on p9.

I would like to thank Joanne Tudge, VP Seminars, on organizing a fantastic seminar ‘Petrophysics-202’ held on the 20th October. The photo above shows the great turnout! And if you didn’t manage to get there, you may purchase the presentations from our wealthy archive available on the Publications web page.

Best Regards,

Michael O’Keefe – LPS President

September 2016 Newsletter

Message From the President

Dear Members & Friends of the LPS,

One of the primary objectives of the London Petrophysical Society is to promote education and knowledge in the scientific and technical aspects of formation evaluation. In order to achieve these aims, the LPS provides financial support to students, universities and young professionals through bursaries & grants.

I am very pleased to announce that we have recently awarded a total of £6000 through the Iain Hillier Academic Award Scheme, under conditions as detailed on our website. Based on quorum decision by the LPS Executive Committee, the successful recipients for 2016 are:

MSc Student Bursaries:

– Federica Raimondi Imperial College London

– Fokion Loizos Imperial College London

– Emily Morris University of Leicester

PhD Student Grants

– Prodeo Yao Agbotui University of Leeds

– Gaia Stucky de Quay Imperial College London

University Grants

– Imperial: SPE students Field trip to Iran – 25 students (05/16)

– University of Leicester ECORD Petrophysics Summer School (06/16)

The next LPS One Day Seminar is ‘Petrophysics 202’ to be held on 20th October, which will be of interest to both Petrophysicists and other Geoscientists. We are now concluding the ’Call for Abstracts’ stage, so if you have an interesting case study to share (does not require distribution), then please let us know.

Lastly I draw your attention to the ‘Monster Triathlon’ being undertaken by our illustrious Past President, Iain Whyte. The objective is to make him suffer so as to solicit Donations for a children’s charity in Ghana, focussed on providing education and support to under-privileged kids. Both are very worthy causes!

Best Regards,

Michael O’Keefe – LPS President

July 2016 Newsletter

Message From the President

Dear Members & Friends of the LPS,

Our last two Evening Lectures proved very popular. Firstly on the 17th May we heard from Ms. Azmi Siddeequah presenting her study on the ‘Modification of Waterflooding using TiO2 Nanoparticles for Enhanced Oil Recovery’. Then on the 7th June William Dawson lectured on ‘Integration of Post-Frac Production Logging Data with Pre-Frac Static Petrophysical Description Enhances Reservoir Characterization’. Both lectures provided material for healthy discussions!

‘Sounds from the Ground’ was our One Day Seminar held on 23rd June, with multiple lecturers from Operators, Service Companies & Academia showing the uses and applications of sub-surface Acoustics. This was quite a broad-ranging seminar, and I believe everyone present learned some valuable theory and came away with an enhanced understanding of applied acoustics, be it from Sonic to Seismic. I must absolutely thank both Joanne Tudge and Negah Ardjmandpour for their work & considerable effort in organizing this very successful seminar !

The LPS relies heavily on the income from our One Day Seminars to provide the necessary funds to support our Charitable Organization. As a Society we seek to promote the knowledge of petrophysics & other geosciences – one way we do this is through Bursaries and Grants to both students and universities. We have currently received numerous applications for such funding, and these will be decided over the next month, to be announced in our September Newsletter.

To assist members who may be between jobs, the LPS is now offering a scheme of discounted attendance to our highly regarded One Day Seminars. This is targeted at members whose previous employer is willing assist with training costs, but it is open to anyone. Basically it involves the advance purchase of Seminar ‘Vouchers’ at a discount rate. Further details are on p4.

I wish you all a wonderful summer break, and look forward to catching up at our next Evening Lecture on Tuesday 6th September.

Best Regards,

Michael O’Keefe – LPS President

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