April 2007 Newsletter

We had three events in March which successfully promoted the LPS:

  1. A very successful seminar on the Petrophysical Inputs to Reservoir Modelling which attracted more than 80 attendees (definitely a record for the last 5 years). All credits to Jonathan Lean, Robert Webber and specially Steve Cannon for a very well appreciated venue. Obviously, we do not forget all the LPS members that contributed to the venue success by flocking in.
  2. Dr. David Potter gave a technical and interesting talk explaining the advances in magnetic susceptibility measurements on core at our monthly evening meeting.
  3. Finally the long awaited new LPS Web site (the URL www.lps.org.uk has not changed).

The LPS membership stands at 94+ thanks to the continuous effort of Assia.

Coming up:

On the 19th of April Christian Bucker of RWE-DEA will reveal some hot topics on Geothermal Petrophysics (Feasibility of Geothermal Power Generation in the German Upper Rhine Graben. An Analysis of the Geological and Petrophysical Conditions) We are still struggling for an evening talk to be presented on the 21st May but we hope to announce the topic shortly. Obviously if anyone has anything they would be willing to share please let any commitee member know.

We are also in the early stages of planning another seminar on Immersive Visualization for the summer. Many of you will remember the very successful seminar that we held at BP Sunbury a few years ago. This is planned as a follow up to that event. Again we plan to hold this seminar at Sunbury, thanks to the generosity of BP. A number of potential presenters have been contacted but if you or others in your organisations have any thing that shows how technical challenges are being addressed by 2D or 3D visualisation then we would like to hear from you. This could be pore scale modelling, reservoir modelling, well planning or anything else that requires a visualisation to aid in a better understanding and interpretation.


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