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October 2018 Newsletter

Message From the President

Dear Members & Friends of the LPS,

Our last seminar, “Seismic Rock Physics”, was held on 27th September. We had a full agenda of exciting talks and many thanks to the speakers who presented in such an informative and enthusiastic way.

Many thanks to David Maggs for presenting “Application of borehole images in OBM from LWD tools” at our 23rd October evening meeting. I’m staggered at just how far the LWD companies have taken their technology, now able to give us full borehole images from acoustic and resistivity sondes.

We are looking forward to the AGM in November, where we present the Accounts and the 2019 LPS executive committee for approval. Once the business has been conducted at the AGM we will be hearing from Professor Jane Evans on “Richard III: His life from his bones”.

Our next one-day seminar is on Thursday 13th December starting at 09:00am, and is themed “Resistivity free saturation”. We have a nearly full agenda, but you still have time to submit a last-minute abstract. This seminar is followed by The President’s Evening at the King’s Head.

We are please to announce that the SPWLA Board has agreed to our proposed amendments to the LPS Constitution. Some of the amendments do relate to the Charter, such as which members can hold office and which members can vote. But many are a function of the changing times, such as changing the roles of some members of the Executive Committee, being fully GDPR compliance and making the document gender neutral. We will submit the proposed Constitution amendments to the LPS membership for approval by an electronic ballet. We will then lodge the amended Constitution with the Charity Commission.

The AAPG, EAGE, PESGB and SPE are jointly hosting The Young Professionals Summit on 26th November 2018, comprising of a one-day conference and an evening reception. The YP Summit aims to tackle critical issues faced within the industry. Given the recent turmoil the industry has faced they are keen to focus this inaugural Young Professionals Summit on the oil industry of the future, what is changing and how that will impact the way the YP’s work. See https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/young-professionals-summit for details and registration.

Best Regards,

Mike Millar – LPS President

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