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October 2014 Newsletter

Message From the President

Dear Members,

Its been a busy period for LPS members and the committee of late with several events held in fairly close succession. I am delighted with the success of each of these events and feedback received from each.

On 25th September we held a one day seminar titled ‘Drilling 101’ which was well attended by a healthy cross section of academic and industry delegates. Speakers presentations are already collated and shall be going out to attendees very soon.

On 2nd October Decision Strategies kindly provided a one day training course on ‘Value Of Information’. Attendance was capped at 22 registrations and we were oversubscribed on the day with some attendees flying from overseas specially for the event. Many thanks to Decision Strategies, Baker Hughes and Tullow Oil for sponsoring this event and making it such an enjoyable success.

On 7th October we had a superb double bill of speakers at the evening meeting presenting ‘Multiphase fluid flow properties of fault rock: Implications for petroleum production / Fault rock Petrophysics’. Talks were give by two recipients of LPS grant awards, Majeed Shar and Javed Haneef. Plenty of good questions and discussion followed and I am sure we will see more of these gentlemen in the future.

This brings me nicely to a point of reflection on what the LPS has achieved in this our 41st year as a society! The London Petrophysical Society held its first meeting on 15th March 1973 under the presidency of Pip Threadgold after the SPWLA granted formation of the local chapter earlier that year on 25th January 1973. André Poupon of Schlumberger was the speaker with the title ‘Logging – past present and future’ Only two years earlier Poupon and Leveaux had first published the Indonesian equation!

During this time the charity has shared knowledge, provided a wonderful networking opportunity and most importantly helped countless students with financial and technical support. Whether you have served on the committee at some point over these years, helped by attending seminars or even a brand new member I urge you to reflect on what has been achieved during this time and take significant pride in what we are all part of.

Looking forward to upcoming events, our next meeting will be the AGM to be held on 4th November. Dr Michael de Podesta (from National Physical Laboratory, based in Teddington) will deliver a talk I personally am very much looking forward to. Amongst other things, the NPL look after all the SI unit standards for the UK, and work on better definitions of fundamental quantities like the kilogram. As many of you will be aware, we host an ‘off topic’ talk for the AGM and this year it will Dr Podesta giving a talk titled ‘How does anyone know what the temperature really is?’

Our next one day seminar on 11th Dec is titled ‘Reservoir Fluids’ which we are still open to receive abstracts for. We have already secured a great number of terrific talks, so if you would like to get involved please submit your abstract as soon as possible. All instructions are on the website. This event will be followed by the Presidents Evening.

All the very best. I look forward to seeing at these upcoming events.

Iain Whyte

Iain Whyte – LPS President

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