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November 2017 Newsletter

Message From the President

Dear Members & Friends of the LPS,

Rollup – Rollup! The Annual General Meeting of The London Petrophysical Society will be held on the 21st November 2017 at 6:30pm in Burlington House. Come along next Tuesday evening to have your say in the affairs of our Society, review our financial position, accept the minutes from 2016 AGM, and also to elect a new President.

To compliment the deliberations of the AGM, we have the pleasure of a very colourful ‘off-topic’ presentation by Professor Ruth Morgan, UCL. She will outline the interaction between science and the media, and highlight the important questions that research is seeking to address to ensure that forensic reconstructions are accurate and reliable, with reference to a number of case studies.

A big thank you to the many who have taken the time to manually post the voting form on the proposed amendment to our Constitution (Article 13.3). The articles are being collated, and results will be presented at our AGM.

Our final One Day Seminar for the year will be held on 14th December, with the theme ‘Everything Formation Testing’. From a review of quality control, through advances in contamination monitoring and water analysis, to modelling what is possible from extended formation pressure transient testing. This has always proven to be a popular topic, and registrations are open now.

Immediately after the Seminar will be our annual Christmas get-together known as the ‘President’s Evening’ which is always a jolly time. Full details on page 3.

Thank you to Dr Adam Moss and Dr Gavin Hunt for writing the technical article this month, detailing how infrared spectroscopy on core can produce spatially continuous mineral data which is used to calibrate log interpretation models.

Best Regards,

Michael O’Keefe – LPS President

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