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May 2016 Newsletter

Message From the President

Dear Member,

I hope you are all enjoying the great weather now that Spring is in full swing!

The President of SPWLA, Thaimar Ramirez, held a meeting with the LPS Executive Committee in April to update us on their mission, and our future collaboration together. She was also the bearer of some very good news – the Board of Directors for SPWLA have awarded LPS the hosting of the 59th Annual Symposium in London in 2018!

This was the result of a very thorough and professional proposal put together by an extended sub-committee of the LPS, who has worked extremely hard these last 5 months to secure the bid. It even includes an endorsement from Boris Johnson (Mayer of London at the time!). I would like to really congratulate all on the sub-committee for their effort, with extra thanks to Iain Whyte, Brian Moss, Clive Sirju, and Colin Carter. The quality of the submission has been recognised by all and really is something we can be proud of. The official letter from SPWLA and full list of sub-committee members is given on Page 4.

Thaimar asked me to pass on 2 further messages: SPWLA Student membership fees have been reduced from $15.00 to $0.01 for 2016, and that includes access to the online Journal. Simply log into www.splwa.org to create a student account. Secondly, the upcoming 57th Annual Symposium in Reykjavik from June 25-29th promises to be extraordinary, with a solid technical program and extensive networking opportunities, let alone the experience of Iceland itself!

On Tuesday 17th May we shall learn about ‘Modification of waterflooding using nanofluids’ by Ms. Siddeequah Azmi at the University of Leeds. Ms Siddeequah was a recipient of the LPS ‘Iain Hillier’ Award Scheme last year.

Finally, don’t miss out on the One Day Seminar in June, entitled ‘Sounds from the Ground: Uses and applications of sub-surface acoustics’. Register now !

Best Regards,

Michael O’Keefe – LPS President

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