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March 2015 Newsletter

Message From the President

Dear Members,

At our last evening meeting we had an excellent talk from Eric Goergen of FEI. The talk discussed tying image and mineral analyses to the Petrophysical properties of rocks. It was a terrifically interesting talk, well presented followed by several thought provoking questions. Excellent to see increased integration of all different data sources to build more robust geological, Petrophysical and reservoir engineering models.

Talking of seminars …

Don’t forget the “What’s So Special About Core Analyses” seminar this week on 26th March!

It promises to be a very interesting and enjoyable event. As we face more strain on defending our data acquisition plans in these challenging economic times, ensuring you have an optimised plan right from core acquisition to RCAL and SCAL becomes increasingly important. This one day seminar is designed to help the Petrophysicist and Geoscientist have a better grounding on all things related to core acquisition and analyses.

In June we will also be holding a seminar on PERMEABILITY – from Reservoir Quality to the Simulator with presentations from the industry, details on the call for abstracts is shown on page 4.

On 14th April a student who has benefitted from LPS sponsorship, Thilo Wrona of Imperial College, will be talking at our evening meeting and talking about Silica diagenesis in the North Viking Graben, northern North Sea. We look forward to that and so please show your support coming along. As always, free to attend and no registration necessary

I look forward to seeing you at these upcoming events.

Best Regards,

Iain Whyte

Iain Whyte – LPS President

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