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March 2014 Newsletter

Message From the President

Dear Members,

At the evening lecture on 3rd March, Dr Kelly Hogan gave an excellent talk entitled “Dynamics of the Barents Sea Ice Sheets: insights from submarine landforms and clay minerals”. Dr Hogan was the recipient of a student grant to help fund her studies, so it was additionally interesting hear feedback from those studies.

The next evening talk will be “Advanced reservoir evaluation using downhole fluid analysis and asphaltene Flory-Huggins-Zuo equation of state” by Shyam Ramaswami from Shell. Shyam is also a SPWLA Distinguished Lecturer from 2013.

This is at 18:30, on Monday 7th April, at the Geological Society. The presentation is free to attend and followed by drinks and savouries.

The next one-day seminar will be “Do you want more Pay: What is Net and Pay & the use and abuse of cutoffs”, on 17th June. We are currently calling for abstracts, so if you would like to present or you would like to suggest someone we approach for a good talk, then please submit to Ian Draper (ian.draper@bakerhughes.com).

The agenda will include case studies and presentations on how much ‘Art’ can go into Petrophysics and how different our approaches to interpretation can be!

All the best,

Iain Whyte

Iain Whyte: LPS President

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