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March 2013 Newsletter

Message From the President

At the evening lecture on 4th February, Craig Lindsey, who is the President of the Society of Core Analysts, gave an excellent talk entitled “Decoding the Poro-Perm Crossplot”. The next evening talk will be “Advantages and Limitations of taking samples while drilling” by Ansgar Cartellieri, who is a SPWLA Distinguished Lecturer, this is at 18:30, on Tuesday 12th March, at the Geological Society. The presentation is free to attend and followed by drinks and savouries. Note the day, it’s Tuesday, and not our usual Monday evening. We are experimenting with Tuesdays for many of the evening meetings this year hoping that it will make it easier for members to attend.

The next one-day seminar will be “Shear Magic – the applications of full waveform acoustic logs”, on 20th March. The agenda will include case studies and presentations on the history & advances of sonic logging; wellsite acquisition of sonic logs & QC of sonic data; applications of modern sonic logging & choosing the right technology; processing sonic waveform data; LWD Quadrupole sonic logging case study; shear imaging away from the borehole; fluid substitution & Shaly sands and LWD sonics for cement bond logging. Please see the website for a registration form.

Planning is well advanced on the rest of our technical programme for 2013, the evening meetings will have four SPWLA distinguished speakers, a SCA Darcy Award winner and LPS student grant winners. We have three further seminars planned, covering Borehole Image logs, ‘Petrophysics 101’ and Cased-hole logging. Our annual University Open-day will held at Leeds University in the autumn.

Our parent body, the SPWLA, has a new membership initiative at the moment. If you join the SPWLA as a new member and you are a member of the LPS (or another Chapter such as AFES), you won’t be charged a member ship fee for 2013. This offer is open until the end of March so you will have to be quick to take advantage, and unfortunately it doesn’t apply to members renewing their membership.

All the best.

Mike Millar : LPS President

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