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June 2018 Newsletter

Message From the President

Dear Members & Friends of the LPS,

On behalf of the LPS, I would like to thank Clive Sirju and the organising committee for making the SPWLA 59th Annual Symposium such a great success. All their effort and hard work was certainly worthwhile as I got lots of positive feedback from attendees, presenters, sponsors, exhibitors and SPWLA leadership. I really appreciate all that they have done in preparation for the event and during the Symposium.

At the Symposium, LPS and AFES had a meeting with SPWLA Leadership to discuss concerns with the new SPWLA Chapter Charter. The meeting was positive and, although there is still some work to do, we feel that between us we can find an equitable way forward that will work for everybody. We will not lose our charitable status and the heavy-handedness in the Charter wording will be softened. Some amendments will be required to the LPS Constitution and some of the wording of the Chapter Charter needs to be changed. SPWLA have asked for our help in suggesting amendments to the Charter and in fully understanding and complying with the GDPR.

Our next evening meeting is scheduled for 10th July, and will be “An Integrated Formation Evaluation Approach to Characterize a Turbidite Fan Complex – A Case Study from the Falkland Islands” to be presented by Maciej Kozlowski.

The topic for our next seminar is Seismic Rock Physics and a call for abstracts is on the website, so please put 27th September in your diary.

One of the great innovations in the LPS Newsletter in recent times is the inclusion of technical papers. If you have an interesting technical topic you like us to publish, please contact Jusmell Graterol or Jenny Rastogi.

Best Regards,

Mike Millar – LPS President

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