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June 2014 Newsletter

Message From the President

Dear Members,

As I write this I have just returned from LPS one day seminar entitled ‘Do you want more pay’ on 17th June. Probably the most enlightening thing is that while we would all love more pay, we don’t all really understand what ‘pay’ is! It is one of most poorly defined things we so frequently refer to.

There is a clear lack of transparency and agreement in the whole industry on what terminology we should use in our Petrophysical estimations ranging from ‘a simple pay count’ where it isn’t clear what is being quantified to more sophisticated models where this should be subdivided into further classifications based on producability, fluid typing, stage of field life etc. Two things are for sure, we all left the room more enlightened and educated and secondly we will likely never quote ‘pay’ without further clarification of consideration again. There is a paper waiting to be written there!

As ever, communication and integration with other data sources and disciplines is the key to avoiding misrepresentation or even under estimation due to lack of awareness that a cut of on a given dataset.

On 3rd June we held a very well attended double bill of talks from LPS sponsored past students Sam Krevor and Sam Matthews on ‘Measurement and implications for CO2 storage’ and ‘Petroacoustic modelling of heterogeneous sandstone reservoirs’ respectively. Both very informative and interesting talks.

Our next evening presentation will be Tuesday 1st July, commencing at 18:30hrs from Songhua Chen (SPWLA 2013 Distinguished Lecturer) who works for Halliburton. The title is Developing carbonate petrophysical models with interpolation-based technology.

Invitation for abstracts is still open for ‘Drilling 101’ one day seminar to held 25th September and I urge you to suggest/nominate etc as appropriate. It is set to be a great session. Please see the website for details; www.lps.org.uk

All the best,

Iain Whyte

Iain Whyte: LPS President

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