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June 2009 Newsletter

A message from the President

Firstly, just as the newletter is going to “press”, I have some very sad news via Nigel Dodds and Tom Holyer of Baker Hughes. Iain Hillier died on the morning of Saturday 30th May. He was at home with his family in Burnham. Iain was currently serving on the LPS Committee as VP-Publications, and also VP-Dialog, but his association with the LPS went back many, many years, certainly as many as I can remember.

Many will know about his long fight against a brain tumour, but that will be a very small proportion when set against those who knew Iain more for his generosity to the LPS over an incredibly long period, and of his enthusiasm, friendliness, sense of humour and general all round decency. He was a real “face” on the LPS scene, and in the oil industry community in London and Aberdeen as a whole. Indeed I struggle to think of anyone more likely to have a wider set of friends and acquaintances in our small community, and that says a great deal about Iain. In particular Iain was very encouraging to younger members and always gave a warm welcome to new petrophysicists and junior members of our community. I think it was part of Iain’s open character to be friendly and welcoming to people irrespective of age or experience.

Funeral arrangements are being finalised and I’ve been asked to pass them on when I have them so that anyone wishing to pay their respects can attend. I do know that the date planned at present is Tuesday 9th June. I will certainly be passing on condolences to Iain’s family on behalf of the LPS.

I’m sure that we will be commemorating Iain’s service to the LPS in more ways in the near future, and the committee will be discussing plans when we next meet, but if anyone has any ideas or indeed simply any memories of Iain that they would like to share in the meantime please let me know. Other news, unfortunately displaced by these sad events.

Thanks to two of our LPS sponsored students from Leicester University, Paul Stockwell and Russell Edge, for providing talks at our May evening meeting. Paul’s talk on applications of the Thomas-Steiber Approach to thin bed formation evaluation compared with other approaches, including rock typing/lithofacies definition from core data, showed how petrophysics is enhanced by careful sedimentological description and classification from core material.

Russell’s talk showcased a novel technique applied to LWD image logs to extract numerical log “properties” that could be used in well correlation or petrofacies identification.

Both talks were presented to a high standard and questions from the audience were well fielded. It was good to see confident presentations from new entrants to the industry and the function of petrophysics and the committee wishes them well for the future and hopes our sponsorship has benefited them during their time at study.

The next LPS event will be the Monday June 8th one-day seminar on “T-Time and Relaxation – The Principles and Applications of NMR Logging”. We have finalised an agenda, confirming talks from a number of sources in the oil company, consultancy and academic communities on a wide range of relevant subjects. For more details see below in the newsletter and please consider attending, I’m sure it will be an informative and worthwhile day.

Also, as we have the seminar in June, there will be no monthly evening meeting. The next evening meeting will be on Monday 20th July.

Jonathan Lean LPS President

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