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July 2013 Newsletter

Message From the President

It is with some mixed feelings that I note that Dick Woodhouse was awarded the Gold Model for Technical Achievement at the SPWLA Annual Symposium in New Orleans last week. Dick undoubtedly deserved this and every other award his long and distinguished service to the industry brought. His widow, Jill, said that Dick would have been delighted with the award, however it is sad that the award was posthumous and that Dick wasn’t there to receive it.

On Tuesday 18th June 2013 the London Petrophysical Society held a one-day seminar entitled “Seeing is Believing – the applications of well-bore image logs to Petrophysics, Geology and Engineering”, at the Geological Society, Burlington House, London. With presentations from British Geological Survey, Eriksfiord AS, Gaia Earth Sciences, GeoScience Limited, Harvey Rock Physics Pty Ltd, Prolog Geoscience & BHICS Ltd., Task Geoscience, University of Leeds, University of Leicester, Baker Hughes, Schlumberger and Weatherford UK. There were case studies and presentations on topics as wide as comparing images from oil and water based muds; using images to determine the suitability of Halite for gas storage; using images to characterise Carbonates, Clastics and Unconventionals. Many thanks to the twelve speakers who made the day so successful and enjoyable for the participants.

Our next evening meeting is on Monday 8th July and sees SPWLA Distinguished Lecturer Nicole Reichel present “Neutron Gamma Density (NGD): Principles, field test results and log quality control of a radioactive-free bulk density measurement”. This could be a great step forward in making some logging operations less risky.

On Wednesday 18th September 2013 the London Petrophysical Society will be holding a one-day seminar entitled “Petrophysics-101; An Introduction to Formation Evaluation” at the Geological Society, Burlington House, London. This is the latest in their series of “Basic FE” seminars, designed mainly for less experienced colleagues and students.

It will consist of a series of presentations by experienced Petrophysicists on formation evaluation measurements and analysis. It will cover the basic principals of Petrophysics and the estimation of important reservoir properties such as porosity, hydrocarbon saturation, permeability and net-to-gross ratio, incorporating log, core and pressure data. It will look at how logs and core can be integrated to provide understanding of the subsurface and be integrated in Geological and Engineering models of the reservoir. And also cover common pitfalls and quality problems.

It is time for the committee to start planning for next year’s seminars. January will host our annual New Technology and we have an idea to refresh the “Pay Cut” seminar from 2006 on all aspects of the use and abuse of net and pay. But we need some more ideas, so if you have topic or theme for a seminar in 2014 please let us know.

All the best

Mike Millar : LPS President

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