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January 2017 Newsletter

Message From the President

Dear Members & Friends of the LPS,

Happy New Year! I fully believe that 2017 promises better times for our oil and gas business. There is no denying that our industry has fundamentally changed after two years of very low oil prices – with an enormous number of cancelled projects, the loss of so many talented colleagues, and a strict focus on cost reduction across the board. The carnage has been of a magnitude never experienced before! But the indications are for a positive uptick this year. And WE as primary stakeholders in Formation Evaluation have a critical role to play in our new landscape. Standing firm on technical objectives with management, passing the baton of experience onto the next crew through mentoring young professionals and students, educating the public on environmental concerns, and utilizing the advantage of new technology to describe our formations with increased relevance. All of this has a direct and measurable impact.

To achieve these goals, on Tuesday 24th Jan the LPS is unique in offering a full One-Day Seminar on New Technology from a wide range of companies, all without charging an entrance fee! There is a substantial program with 16 speakers covering Mud logging, LWD, Core, Wireline, and Conveyance. The Agenda is shared on the following pages, with full Abstracts available on our website.

To re-focus our Society as the centre of technical expertise, I am introducing a series of petrophysical articles to be published each month in this Newsletter. We start with an inspired article from a renowned industry figure – Ross Crain. If you wish to contribute, please contact Carole Reynaud, VP Publications.

Last but not least, please submit your 2017 membership form through our website at www.lps.co.uk/membership. We have introduced new options to honour those who are retired, and those who label themselves as ’Independent’. Membership is free for the LPS, however I do also encourage you to sign up to SPWLA, our parent Society. Looking forward to seeing you all at our meetings!

Best Regards,

Michael O’Keefe – LPS President

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