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April 2013 Newsletter

Message From the President

We have recently had a question about what has happened to Dialog as an online publication and the simple (and not very satisfactory) answer is that it has more or less ceased to function. Over the last few years, the committee’s focus has been on the evening technical meetings, the one-day seminars and supporting students. Somehow we lost sight of Dialog as an online publication. So we now have a challenge to fix this, and we are looking for ideas, papers and volunteer editorial help. If you have ideas about how you would like a new Dialog to look, what it should cover, papers that need publishing, letters that need airing, etc. etc., please get in touch.

Our parent body, the SPWLA, continues its great new membership initiative. If you join the SPWLA as a new member and you are a member of the LPS (or another Chapter such as AFES), you won’t be charged a membership fee for 2013. The membership dues are waived for New or Re-Joining Members who are sponsored by Officer of SIG or Local Chapter, who join before May 31st 2013. The dues waived until Jan-1st-2014 and you will only get the “Petrophysics” on-line version (not paper copy)

  • Complimentary Membership – “How to” Guide
  • Go to SPWLA.org website
  • On the membership services tab, click on “Become a Member”
  • Read the “Requirements and Qualifications” first;
  • use your local chapter President as a reference if you want to use the free offer (ie Mike Millar)
  • Please note the comment about it taking 3 to 4 weeks to process

I have been an SPWLA member since 1985 and can testify to the importance of our parent body in advancing log analysis and petrophysics throughout the world.

The “Shear Magic – the applications of full waveform acoustic logs” seminar was held on 20th March. The agenda included case studies and presentations on the history & advances of sonic logging; wellsite acquisition of sonic logs & QC of sonic data; applications of modern sonic logging & choosing the right technology; processing sonic waveform data; LWD Quadrupole sonic logging case study; shear imaging away from the borehole; fluid substitution & Shaly sands and LWD sonics for cement bond logging. The day was a great success with nearly 100 people in attendance, so many thanks to the organisers, the speakers and the attendees for their part in that success.

Our next evening meeting sees PhD student and Iain Hillier award winner, Aruna Mannie present “Tectono-stratigraphic evolution of salt diapir collapse-related depocentres: Upper Jurassic, Cod Terrace, Central North Sea” at 6:30pm on Tuesday 16 April 2013 at the Geol Soc. The on 7th May SPWLA Distinguished speaker, Ton Loermans will give us two talks, “Establishing the original fluid contacts in a giant oil field … after 40 years of production” and “Advanced Mud Logging”.

On Tuesday 18th June 2013 the London Petrophysical Society will be holding a one-day seminar entitled ‘Seeing is Believing – the applications of well-bore image logs to petrophysics, geology and engineering’, at the Geological Society, Burlington House, London. With presentations from Oil & Gas Companies & Service Companies on all aspects acquiring and using borehole image data, it will include talks on LWD and wireline. Please see the website for a registration form.

All the best

Mike Millar : LPS President

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