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April 2011 Newsletter

Message from the LPS President

The “Infatuation with Saturation – Water Properties and Water Saturation” seminar was a great success. The talks were of an excellent standard and generated some lively debate. Many thanks to the speakers and the committee member who made it happen. The attendance was high and it was good to see the lecture theatre filled with people keen to engage in good old fashioned discussions on the merits of shaly sand models and Pickett plots etc.

We are busy planning the next one day seminar. This will be on the 16th June and will address the very important issue of pore pressure prediction and wellbore stability. A programme of nine talks from operators, service companies and consultants is in place. This seminar should have a wide appeal and we expect it to be busy. Book your place early to avoid disappointment, see this newsletter for a poster and registration form.

The next evening meeting will be on April 11th, start time 6.30pm. Astrid Koppernaes from Mythri Limited will be speaking about their new methods for log predictions. We hope that the new start time of 6.30pm gives members more time get to the meetings. The evening talks are free and include post-talk food, wine and hopefully some interesting petrophysical discussion.

Hope to see you soon at one of our events.

All the Best

Adam LPS President

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