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April 2009 Newsletter

A message from the President

It has been a while since the last evening meeting, so the committee is looking forward to the 20th April and Tim Whittle’s talk on “The Determination Of Minimum Tested Volume And Future Well Production From The Deconvolution Of Well Test Pressure Transients.” Please read the abstract.

I remember seeing derivative plots for well tests early in my time in the industry and saw the improvements in character they gave over classic plotting techniques such as Horner plots. Computing power was the key then, generating derivative plots needed specialised software. Horner plots could be done on a piece of graph paper; I certainly did more than a few myself as a student. Is deconvolution going to revolutionise pressure transient analysis in the same way? I hope to find out from hearing Tim’s talk.

Plans are also well in hand for our summer seminar on petrophysical aspects of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). The seminar is scheduled for Monday 8th June at Burlington House. VP Technology Derek Thomas has worked hard in putting together a high quality agenda of talks on another technology that is becoming more and more commonplace in the industry as the years go by, but is still one that many people (including myself) struggle to understand fully!

NMR tools have certainly changed radically over my time in the industry and now include LWD as well as wireline devices. At times it seems that as soon as one gets comfortable with a petrophysical measurement such as NMR, the next generation of tool comes to market and we have to learn all over again! The latest generation tools offer both porosity and pore size information from T2 relaxation plus fluid typing from diffusion data in a single pass and over multiple depths of investigation. Masses of data is generated that can be extremely enlightening for our oil and gas reservoirs if only we have the understanding and of course the time to fully integrate it into our models. As ever that remains the challenge, so please come along and listen to the talks and contribute in your own way to the day.

Jonathan Lean LPS President

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