Rock typing: Application in reservoir modelling and development – Tuesday 15th October

Abstract: The ultimate objective of rock typing is to drive a framework for rock property distribution within 3D reservoir models that both honours the well data and predicts reservoir properties in un-cored wells and between wells (Hollis et al., 2010). Rock typing is an important input to successful reservoir study, drilling, production and water injection. Importance and objectives of rock typing, methodologies, requirements, pitfalls and optimal set of data for rock typing will be discussed and a case study will be presented to highlight the value of rock typing in the field development and water injection projects.

AGM & ‘Why young people should join our great industry’ – Tuesday 12th November

Please join us for our Annual General Meeting.

Following this we are pleased to welcome Charles Furness-Smith, from Lambert Energy. He will be presenting an overview of the industry and what can be expected in the coming decades. The presentation will focus on the opportunities that are available to young professionals interested in joining this industry.

Data Science in Petrophysics – Thursday 5th December

Call for abstracts!

We are looking for presentations showcasing data science techniques and their application to the field of petrophysics, some examples are shown below:
-“Big data”
-Principal Component Analysis
-Python programming
-Machine Learning
-Decision trees, random forests
-Supervised / un-supervised learning models
-Clustering analysis techniques
-Advanced data analytics for reservoir characterisation and enhanced visualisation

Please find the agenda and respective abstracts for the day using the link below:


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