AI & ML in Petrophysics: Friend or Foe? Thursday 16th September 2021

AI & ML in Petrophysics: Friend or Foe?

Agenda and Abstracts are now available at the link below!

The one day seminar is FREE for members and non‐members.

On Thursday 16th September the LPS will host a one day webinar on Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) dedicated to the realm of Petrophysics. The day will consist of a series of themed talks, each lasting around 20 minutes with 5 minutes for questions.
To register and get access to the event, please use the eventbrite link below:


Seminar: Petrophysics for Geomodelling – 9th December 2021

Petrophysics for Geomodelling

Call for abstracts!

On Thursday 9 December the London Petrophysical Society will be holding a one-day seminar at the Geological Society on Petrophysics for Geomodelling; followed by the President’s Evening.

It will consist of a series of presentations, showcasing case studies, best practices, and improved techniques in transferring petrophysical evaluations into 3D geomodels, each lasting around 25 minutes with some time for audience questions. Some examples of the areas related to this topic for which we would like abstracts:

– Best practices/lessons learned
– Case studies
– Uncertainty modelling
– SCAL integration
– Log Upscaling
– Rock typing
– Saturation Height Modelling
– Geomechanics

Abstracts should be one page of A4 including an illustration and speaker bio, submitted in Word Document format.

Please send your abstracts to Henry Mortley, Email: by Fri 29th October

Full details can be seen using the link below:


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