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Webinar Series: Introduction to M/LWD operations – each Tuesday from 1st Sept to 22nd Sept

Note: This will be an online webinar.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Measurement & Logging-While-Drilling (M/LWD) operations but were afraid to ask!

Michael Tosh of one&zero will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of M/LWD operations.

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This webinar series is focused on the basic operating principles of M/LWD, and important areas of consideration to ensure quality data acquisition.

Aimed at those new to the realm of MLWD operations, or those who have expertise in different disciplines and would like to understand more of the basics.

Key topics:

– MLWD Fundamentals
– Tool design, motor and RSS theory
– Telemetry system archetypes, data transmission, power sources
– Drill bit design and choice
– Surveys, anti-collision, depth control, surface sensors, circulation systems
– ECD/ESD, BHA design, MPD systems
– Maintenance processes
– Sensors, orientation, geosteering

Please note that this is an online webinar, as The Geological Society is temporarily closed.


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