LPS Academics and Students Travel Cost Refund Policy

The London Petrophysical Society (LPS) exists to promote, for the public benefit, education and knowledge in the scientific and technical aspects of formation evaluation. In accordance with these aims, the LPS will endeavour to help academics and students by refunding some or all reasonable travel costs incurred attending LPS meetings and seminars for travel within England and Wales*.

As a charity the LPS only has a limited budget and any refund of travel costs is discretionary and some or all of the requested refund will be withheld if the LPS Executive Committee decides that the claim is not reasonable. Refunds will also be withheld if the claim is not accompanied by evidence of expenditures.  The LPS refund is only for travel costs not funded by other sources.

Most LPS events are held at the Geological Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London.

This policy refers to reasonable travel costs to and from this venue (excluding travel within central London). Academics and students may use the Iain Hillier Award scheme to apply for financial help, including travel costs, for other specific academic activities.

(*The Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society supports Scottish Universities and students, please see their website www.afes.org.uk).


The traveller must be:

    • A current member of the LPS


    • A student or academic at an English or Welsh University


  • Not receiving travel funding from other sources for the LPS event

How to claim:

The traveller must:

    • Identify the LOWEST AVAILABLE FARE:

Making use of a “Young Persons Railcard” or other eligible discounts.

The LOWEST FARES are typically available as:

“Super Off-Peak Return” tickets

“Advanced Single” tickets

Or when booked 1 month in advance

    • Email the Treasurer with the expected cost of your ticket to receive pre-approval for a travel claim BEFORE booking. Include details of the routing and timing (a screen dump of the national rail website showing this journey is one acceptable way of doing this).


    • Await email confirmation back there are available funds and then book the travel as soon as possible afterwards.


    • Unreasonable costs will not be refunded – see list below.


  • After attending the event, receipts must be emailed to the Treasurer along with UK bank details (no refunds to non-UK banks). The Treasurer will then transfer the refund.

Exceptions will not be tolerated and may result in LPS declining to refund your travel.

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