About LPS

The London Petrophysical Society (LPS) are the local chapter of the SPWLA and we hold regular evening meetings at the Geological Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly in London. These start at 18:30, last about 45 minutes and are followed by wine and savouries in the library. The society also holds 4 full-day seminars each year. Details of these events can be found on this website.

The LPS exists to promote for the public benefit education and knowledge in the scientific and technical aspects of formation evaluation. We do this through meetings and seminars, University student support grants, Petrophysics Open Days and other educational support.

Travel Refund Policy

Please refer to our new Travel Refund Policy for Academics & Students, effective 1-May-2015

Travel Refund Policy

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Contacting LPS

External Relations

Rebecca Nye 
VP External Liaison


Sherif Farag 
VP Publications

Technology & Seminars

Kirsty Hitchen
VP Technology